About Us


Whether you’ve been to Italy or not, you know there’s something magical about true Italian food. It’s simple and satisfying, with pure flavors that have the ability to keep us around the table for hours on end — feeding deep conversations, connections, new friendships and most of all, joy. Limone Market was born from chasing that feeling. That’s why we hope to be more than an online store; rather a community to share ideas, methods and a passion for food. A way to experience the best of Italy, without the jetlag. 

From real olive oils and spices to kitchen goods and all things ‘la dolce vita’ — every item we feature has been thoughtfully sourced and selected to make Italian cooking more approachable for master chefs and novices alike.

We ship nationwide and are continually working to bring more of Italy to your doorstep—so get on our email list or join us on social @LimoneMarket for new product offerings (yes, wine!), promotions, recipes and events.

As the Italians say Mangia bene, ridi spesso, ama molto meaning eat well, laugh often, love much.  Ciao, Limone Market