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Organic Lentils

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Lenticchie Bio or Organic Lentils are known for their delicate earthy flavor, very thin skin, and al dente texture. These tiny brown lentils do not require pre-soaking and retain their shape beautifully when properly cooked, which makes them an ideal base for salads.

They are excellent stewed as a ragù with aromatics such as garlic and rosemary, and with diced browned pancetta. Be sure to drench them in a good olive oil!  For those on a health kick, marinate the lentils and toss with your favorite vegetables. 

About the Producers:
In the heart of Umbria, in the hills near Perugia, the Corneli family passionately cultivates over 500 acres of organic legumes. The area has a very favorable climate and terrain with perfect conditions for growing beans and lentils. Casa Corneli’s entire production—from harvesting to drying, sorting to packaging—is done on their own farm. They were one of the first farms in Umbria to become certified organic. Every year they rotate their crops, alternating between cereals and legumes, which maintains the natural balance of the soil and eliminates the need for synthetic inputs.

Region: Umbria 
Size: 14 ounces