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Impressive cooking properties and legendary versatility make Spaghetti Matt a real classic of Italian cuisine: a dependable and helpful friend, gentle in size and strong in flavor. This resilient and rich variety of wheat is at its best when farmed in the sunny fields of Apulia, before being perfected by Felecetti Monograno's  master pasta makers. When Matt pasta cooks, it releases a summery bouquet of hay, desiccated coconut and stretched curd. Its ancient taste reminds of stone cooked bread, butter and bamboo shoots.

For a simple yet satisfying dish, use this spaghetti to make pasta al limone.  

About the Producers: 
In 1908 Valentino Felicetti founded Felicetti Pasta Company near the Dolomites in Northern Italy. This was a bold, visionary move as this was an area of Italy that ate little pasta  preferring instead risotto and polenta. Today, the Felicetti Company is still family-run and continues to manage the company in the same time honored traditions as previous generations. They are proud to hold the standing as the world’s largest producer of 100% Organic Pasta.  Felicetti is a world leader in organic pasta, and is focused on preserving our natural resources, promoting biodiversity, respecting the ecosystem and safeguarding the environment. 

Region: Trentino-Alto Adige
Size: 17.64 ounces 

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