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Hot Peppers in Olive Oil

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Peperoncino Piccante in Olio d’Oliva or hot peppers in olive oil are fresh peppers that are crushed, mixed with olive oil, and left to macerate for months to develop create a spicy, salty, and smoky flavor that can give anything a kick of complexity. IASA’s Hot Pepper is made from a Campanian pepper varietal named Amando, commonly called “Amante” by locals. 

perfect pizza topping, or add a spoonful in marinades, aioli, and sauces.

About the Producer: 
IASA (Ittica Alimentare Salerno) was one of the first companies in Italy to preserve the bounty of anchovies brought in by local fishermen from the deep blue waters of Cetara on the Amalfi Coast. Today the di Mauro siblings continue to guard tradition in packaging this locally-caught delicacy. The unmistakable flavor of IASA products offers an authentic taste of the Mediterranean.

Region: Campania
Size: 3.5 ounces 

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